Anime Expo: Schedules, Cosplay Gatherings, Maps and more

Anime Expo

It's going down! Some of the best cosplay, one of the craziest artist alleys, movie premiers and Special guests at one convention July 5th - 8th, you know what i'm talking about!? Anime Expo, the American Anime Convention held in Cali by the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation. Its going to be a Hellova 3 days.

How to Survive Anime Expo

Before I get into everything us at lewd behavior here is excited for,the people over at the Anime Expo were kind enough to include how to survive anime expo. So before you start the party, make sure you check this out first… we don’t want anyone missing out on the awesomeness because of something that could been been avoided.

Anime Expo Schedules

There are tons of events at the Anime Expo from Jo-Jo’s Bizzare’s Escape to MY HERO ACADEMIA: Two Heroes , so plan accordingly. For the most part all the Anime Expo events are free, but for the paid events, you have to pay to enter. The price can range anywhere between 25 - 150.00, so plan in advance including the cosplay gatherings.

Once we Digest everything that is going on we will let you know our top 5 Anime Expo nosebleeds.



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