Community Service: Best places for hanime

Here at lewd behavior we look for the best hanime around for inspiration and one of the top sites is fakku, it keeps coming up.The 1st time I went to go check it out, It reminded me of e-hentai without the ads playing in the back. I must admit, I do enjoy E-Hentai's search feature, how they spotlight their frequent list of fresh new hanime, their thumbnail images titles and the spot on rating system. E Hentai feels aged and is definitely in need of a face lift but boiled down, It becomes preference cause there is more than enough anime girls and guys to go around.

Fakku's anime game section is pretty rad. They offer 10% off with subscription but the amount of anime games compared to how much Manga is around is dwarfed. Fakku's Tag feature reminds you of how porn hubs search works and is beautiful to look at as a whole ( no pun intended ).

When connecting with the anime community E-hentai, is once again dated and cluttered but the content is still rich while Fakku's organization can be seen through out their whole site despite all of the hanime circulating around.

You are in good hands with both of these sites. we are always up for inspiration when creating good hanime content, we would love to hear from you and what some of your favorite sites are.


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