Mass Update

Mass Update

Youmacon Rave

So (Deep Breathe) past three weeks have been nuts, Trip Hop events, Youmacon, 24-hour comic book day etc. November 15th, we celebrate a whole year of being open. With that, all of the online and physical sales have opened up some new items that will be in the store soon such as anime and game inspired buttons, stickers, posters, and of course new lewd behavior street wear. We have already began purchasing stock for season three and now getting ready for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. We have also created a discord page so that the lewdest camp can always be in touch. Check that out here, LB's Anime and Game Discord Community

We make art, apparel and accessories

In the past we have used fulfillment centers to ship out everything over 3 colors but now. I am happy to say that with your support, everything will be printed in house and will ship with Flash like speeds starting November 19th.  We have also teamed up with Shleigh, a cosplay designer to also expand our accessories and add unique options to our line. We will also be releasing limited art prints along with this change to our store.

Lewd Brand Ambassadors

Lewd Ambassators

We are always looking for brand ambassadors to rock the hell out of Lewd Behavior and showcase it. Since we are a niche company every application is looked at to see if you fit our demographic, and if you do, we have guideline but the main one, no drama with the other Brand Ambassadors. If you violate this rule, Lewd Behavior will be finished with the relationship. This year we ran into some issues that made some B.A’s feel uncomfortable and targeted. We don’t stand for that. Currently we are waiting some items from the printer to send out welcome bags. After that, you will begin to receive a monthly fill of unreleased items and swag.

3rd Party Affiliates

Hentai Shirt

We have teamed up with Cal Wu and Ant Bell for anime themed pod casts and events. Our 1st event this year was Ongaku and you. It was held at Armageddon Beach party and happy to say, it was banging. The host, crowd and performances we great and right now are planning our second event.

Planet Wu, is a weekly syndicated anime and game podcast. With thousands of visitors per month we were able to secure a few guests spots as well as obtain some ad team. Planet Wu is hosted by Cal Wu and G Money, they have call in guests and they host anime jeopardy.

New Comic, New Characters new world

Over the past few months the development team at Lewd Behavior have gotten together to create a comic book for those subscribed to the newsletter and new subscribers. This gives the lewdest camp a deeper look into the heart of the brand.  This 20-page comic is fully inked and colored. We introduce new characters and set them into an entirely new world inspired by what you have scene over the past year. The pages have been laid out and penciled and we are expected to release the 1st issue in January.


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