New Hanime Street Wear Incoming.


Today marks our 8 months of being open and why I have enjoyed mashing up anime and video game characters, and putting some of your favorite characters from popular anime in the Lewd universe, its time to retire many shirts. Don't worry though, we have been working on some pretty fire designs and other aspects of of Lewd Behavior coming to a screen near you. To stay in the loop, sign up to get news, discounts and more from the Lewdest Camp.

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Would also like to shout out Senpai Kiks, an anime street wear blog, that covers the latest trends and fashions. They were kind enough to feature peach pit, an ahnime style shirt on their youtube channel along with a few other pieces from the culture. The site and content remind me of those Fresh Fruits magazines that used to come out back in the day ( that was my jam). So its awesome to see that again in web form... cause those magazines were hard to get ha, like Italian Vogue. Check em out Below.


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