This is what happens to your ears when you hear anime, video games, and hip-hop fuck.

I Was on the internets, looking for inspiration and came across this rapper named Cal-Wu. Rap music with me is either hit or miss and it’s not really my favorite genre (3 out of 7) because of the reoccurring themes most of the time.Anyways,  youtube was on auto play and as I sat drawing, i began hearing anime titles and references back to back within the same breathe and I'm thinking what the fuck, I'm not this tired. So the video got my attention, and holy shit, I wasn’t tripping, this dude had to name at least 30-40 anime and video game references. So I checked out Cal-Wu’s page and seen a song called Full Metal Alchemist.

At this time, I'm totally engrossed trying to figure out what this artist is going to say next. All of a sudden 3 other artist came out, Crimson Alchemist, Hugo Biggs, and Mic Jack, stepped out with anime shirts and katana blades. Who are they?! I thought to myself as they each performed in a different style. I was in love and the music was dope AF. The references were on point and it wasn’t like any other genre that i heard. Make sure you guys check this out.


I did a tad of research and came across Iamcalwu and there it was, the album for sale. I had a few bucks to spare and to my delight, the whole album is good, and it keeps the theme. G.G.A.N.G is 19 tracks long and some of the titles are “Spirited Away, Samurai Champloo, Final Fantasy and Gungrave." If you like anime and you're a hip hop head this album is for you. I've listened to it about 15 times now and using anime and video games as a back drop, the album talks about love, sex, love triangles, and just life. Check em out.

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